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Luxury Vinyl Tiles
The home’s flooring is one of the parts of the home that will always see renovations done to them whenever there is a home renovation project to be carried out. Flooring renovations for many homeowners has nowadays been with the use of the luxury vinyl tiles over the traditional tiles as was in the past. Read on and see some of the features and benefits of the luxury vinyl tiles over the traditional or regular vinyl tiles and as such some of the reasons why they are turning out to be the preferred choice for many homeowners when it comes to their home renovation projects as the page suggests.

In essence, the luxury vinyl tiles are a particular kind of vinyl flooring that actually happens to be so close in appearance to the ceramic, stone and the wooden tiles. Looking at some of the features that makes them so attractive for many homeowners is the fact that they happen to be a lot more durable and as well are more affordable as compared to the natural tiles and flooring solutions. One key feature that marks and sets the luxury tiles apart from the traditional vinyl tiles is the fact that they are close in looks to the natural flooring solutions such as stone, ceramic and wooden tiles. They are as well much flexible as they are made from a variety of thin layers.

Luxury vinyl flooring can actually take the looks as those of slate, marble, teak, oak, walnut or the other woods and stone types. The traditional vinyl tiles often come in square shapes while for the luxury vinyl flooring tiles are often coming in planks making them look perfect like laminate flooring.

Luxury vinyl can actually be made of 100% vinyl or as in other cases, they can be a blend of limestone and vinyl. To get to give the flooring the right effect, it will be advisable for you to consider limestone for it to have the appearance of natural stone. But all in all, even if there is a mixture used for the making of the flooring, the top layer is to be made of vinyl pure. The following are some of the many benefits of using the luxury vinyl tiles.

First and foremost is the fact that the luxury vinyl flooring tiles are known to be so much better than the stone and wooden floors when it comes to durability, the ability to stand the effects of wear and tear. They have a scratch resistant top layer and over and above this they have a built-in stain guard and as such have a sure superior resistance to wear and tear.

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