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How to Effectively Leash Train your Dog

Whether it is a puppy or an older dog, it can be hard to undertake proper leash training. It is essential that your dog learns the basics of leash training. It can be frustrating if your dog keeps pulling around while on the leash. Your happiness would be for your pet to follow your instructions. Following this, it becomes essential for your dog to get good leash training. It is also a sure way of keeping your dog safe. The following are a few leash training tips to make your enjoyable time while with your dog out there.

Issuing treats is one of the most effective strategies to make your dog behave well while on a walk. if you want it to walk slowly and by your side, you can offer some treats. Knowing that they will get a reward when they do this will motivate them. You need to determine your dog’s favorite to start off with. Just ensure that you do not overfeed them during the walk so instead of wet foods you can choose to use the dried feeds like biscuits. With time, they will begin behaving well while on the leash even without any reward.

One of the common mistake that a large number of people make during leash training is keeping it tight and very close. While this seems like the perfect way of keeping the dog by your side, it will only encourage it to pull even more. On the other hand, using an extendable leash will make the dog roam further. It is therefore important that you keep the leash short and loose.

The other thing to ensure is that you are using the right accessories. The equipment you choose will make a huge difference in the process of training your pet. The leash should be sturdy and not fragile. A good leash should also have a good grip so, do not choose the slim ones that can easily slip off with a single pull from the dog. Retractable leashes will give you better control of your dog when it wanders too far. However, they are never the most recommended for training as they are not strong enough and will make the communications with your dog a bit difficult.

You need to have the right attitude when leash training your dog. Instead of yelling, you ought to use the right body language and tone for your dog to realize that you are the leader. Do not show your dog that you are angry when it fails to follow instructions. To effectively leash train your dog, it is also important that you organize for frequent days out as through this, they will get used to the basics.

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