Different Levels Of Management

The term Levels of Management completely differentiates different social control positions in a corporation. once the organization grows in size and once the workers conjointly increase in range, it results in increase within the range of levels of the organization and contrariwise. There square measure 3 levels of management essentially :

1. prime Management – the overall Manager, administrator, Chief govt, Board of administrators all belong to the current class. Authority in the main lies with this level of management. the highest level management usually performs coming up with and co- ordination operate. It lays down the broad policies and goals of the organization. it’s conjointly answerable to the shareholders for functioning of the organization. the center level managers are appointed by the highest level management. It conjointly maintains links with society at massive.

2. Middle level Management – The division heads and therefore the branch heads belong to the current class of management. the center level management is answerable to the highest level management for functioning of their departments. the center level management usually performs organizing and guiding functions. It implements the structure goals and plans in line with the directions of the highest management. They act as intercessor between prime and lower level management by instructive and explaining policies from prime to lower level. conjointly the center level has got to communicate important information and reports from lower level to the highest level management. It conjointly boosts the lower level managers for higher performance. It even has got to train the low level managers.

3. Lower level Management – The foremen, supervisors ,superintendents ,etc. all belong to the current class of management. they often got to in person supervise and direct the lower level workers. This level of management usually performs guiding and dominant functions. They train and step up the employees. they give the impression of being when the issues and grievances of the employees and check out to resolve them.